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Click here for a list of all the lamps on a Roadster.

For such simple lamp holders, replacing the front side lights is a real pain on the Roadster. It is made complicated by the washer bottle located on the right hand side of the car. In order to get to this one, it is necessary to remove the headlight cluster first.

Remove the bonnet bin first. Use a TX25 bit to undo the two retaining screws on the headlight cowl.

The cowl is held in with two strong clips on the panel side. You need to be firm but careful in order to release these! As it becomes free, the cowl will hinge towards the front of the car and can be removed.

Once off, loosen the 5x TX25 screws holding the headlight cluster in place.

Once free, move the headlight cluster out of the way.

Looking between the front of the car and the washer bottle, you will see a hole where you can get to the sidelight connector.

Using some long nosed pliers, it is possible to release the lamp by turning it a quarter of a turn clockwise.

Reach under the washer bottle, pull the lamp free and replace the bulb.

Replace the lamp and use the pliers to secure it back in position.

Test the lights and refit the headlight and cowl.

Fortunately the left side light is not as hard! Simply reach underneath and undo the holder by hand. If this proves to be awkward, then repeat the headlight removal as before.

Replace the lamp and refit.

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