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The Brabus pods for the fortwo 450 and the Roadster had white painted needles as standard. Against the dark Brabus dial faces, the white needles made the pods look very vibrant.

However, the pod needles for the fortwo 451 are all red. This sometimes makes reading the pods a bit difficult depending on the time of day.

You can paint the needles with the pods still on the car however it may be easier to remove them as described in this guide.

Pull off the pod rings first.

Use a T8 bit to unscrew the pod face.

As you pull the face forward, there are two white clips that hold it to the back plate.

With the face released, you can twist the needles of the car. Make sure you hold the needle by the centre to avoid breaking it.

The needles have a red painted backing. Use a fine grade piece of sandpaper to remove the backing.

Once the needles are a clean, paint the back of them with a white plastic paint. Clean off any overspill from the sides of the needles.

Reset the rev counter position by placing it on with the needle high up the guage.

Wind the needle back down towards zero until you feel resistance. Carefully twist it down to the zero position.

Reset the clock by putting the needles at the 12 o'clock position.

Reassemble the pods to complete the genuine Brabus look.

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