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This is is a worthwhile addition for your fortwo. You will need a set of fortwo pods from your smart parts department and a Torx set. Ensure that you correct the correct pods for your style of dial face. In the box you will get a set of pods and two retaining screws:

As standard, you can see that the centre console is calling out for something extra.

Start by pulling the centre console switch block where shown below:

The switch block is connected at the back.

It is not essential but if you would like to remove the switch block (to prevent against accidental damage) release the cable connector by pushing down where shown below:

Whilst pushing, swing the retaining arm all the way round until the connector becomes free.

Free the Torx screw that is revealed as shown:

Pull the top of the centre console up from the dashboard. As it unclips, it will swing forward and become free.

It is often buried quite low down, but you will see a connector taped to the main wiring loom with masking tape.

Free this connector from the masking tape.

Position the pods and screw them in place with the screws provided.

Push the plug from the pods into the connector socket.

A small retainer has been provided for the connector. Simply push in.

Before you refit the centre console, you will need to cut off two plastic sections where the pods stick out. These can be clearly seen on the underside of the plastic panel. You need to cut the sections as indicated by the red dots:

When you have done this, refit this centre section by pushing the bottom into place first. It may feel tight beneath the radio but use a little force and it will clip into place.

Push either side of the radio until you hear both sides click.

Finally push all top clips back into place.

Refit the lower screw taking care not to drop it inside the lower panel.

Connect the switch block and push it back into place.

The clock should start working automatically. Unlike the fortwo 450, the rev counter does not need activating by a dealer. Check to see that the backlights work when you turn on the sidelights.

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