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There isn't a lot different in the fixing methods across the smart range. This guide is exactly the same as for the fortwo 450 and Roadster, but tailored to suit the 451.

Start by un-hitching the seatbelt from the guide. This particular guide is applicable to 2007-2010 fortwos. For latter models, you will have a slightly different guide.

You will need to remove the seatbelt from the base of the seat.

Use a 17mm hex socket for this purpose.

At the back of the seat, there are two T45 bolts which need to be removed.

Lift up the flaps of capet at the front to remove the bolts from the seat frame. Note that we haven't removed the bolts from the front of the seat runners.

Underneath the seat you will have a number of connectors. In this case, there are connectors for the seatbelt buckle warning light (blue connector) and for the heated seats (white connector). You may also have a connector for side airbags. If you do, ensure that the car remains switched off while this connector is unplugged. Otherwise you will get an airbag system fault when you start the car.

The main loom wiring loom connector for the heated seats is clipped into the base of the seat. To release this, you need push the little white tab as indicated and slide the connector forward.

The seat will now be free to remove from the car. To do this, we find it easier to tip the seat back and remove through the boot, This minimises the risk of scratching the tridion with the seat frame.

This completes the removal of the seat.

The bolts for the driver's seat are spaced at the front. You will see that the bolts are longer as a result. On the passenger side, the spacers (and the longer bolts) are at the back. Ensure that you fit the correct length bolts when fitting the seats back in the car.

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