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For G1 cars, or to 'get around' the TAN requirement of activating the paddleshift steering wheel, you can activate the function through the addition of the Brabus control box. Part number: SQ001 3060 V001

Firstly remove the centre tunnel using the centre tunnel removal guide.

Next, you need to remove the SE Drive, this is simply held on using 4 security bits (5 star with a hole in the middle)

Turn the SE Drive over, and there is a connection on the base circuit board. Unplug this connector.

The ribbon cable from the brabus connector then plugs into the base of the SE drive, the main loom now plugs into the brabus box, so it is in series with the main loom.

Now refit the SE Drive back to the tunnel. The Brabus box sits neatly behind the SE Drive on the main loom, and is covered up by the centre tunnel.

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