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There are two components that we have seen fail on a couple of fortwo coupés. One is the boot release mechanism and the other is the microswitch. Symptoms are as follows:

  • The boot will not open with either the internal button or the key fob. However the key fob boot release button does cause the indiciators to flash normally.
  • The boot release makes a crunching noise and doesn't release the glass.
  • The car won't lock as if it thinks a door is open, even when both doors and the boot are positively closed.
  • The interior light won't go out when both doors are positively closed.

To access the locking mechanism you need to remove the boot panel.

You will see the two components that make up the boot release mechanism as follows. The lock release simply pushes the lock open. Click here to see the lock release mechanism in action.

Unfortunately, neither of these components can be accessed from the front and so it is necessary to completely remove the tailgate. Instructions on how to do this are here.

With the tailgate removed, you need to unhook the foam sheeting as indicated by the arrows below. You will reveal three plastic rivets under the red circles.

To remove the rivets, gently prise up the pin with a small flat blade screwdriver using the slot provided.

With the pin removed, the base will simply pull free.

Under the lock there is a T20 screw which needs to be undone.

There are an additional two T20 screws hiding under the foam at either side as follows:

Now that all the fixings are free, you now need to unclip the plastic boot sections from the tailgate frame. There are three clips either side as circled below. You will need to pull these back and down. The objective is to lift the metal tailgate frame out of the plastic panel.

With the clips free, pull the metal frame in the direction shown until it is clear of the panel. Try not to snag the foam sheeting.

The tailgate is now fully dismantled.

Turn the frame over to reveal the two T20 screws that hold the solenoid in place. You only need to loosen these slightly as you can slide the unit along the keyway.

Push the solenoid in the direction shown before lifting out.

Note: Be very careful of the metal frame as it has sharp edges!

Replace with a new solenoid as required.

Should you need to remove the boot lock, use a T30 screwdriver to remove the two bolts as follows:

If the unit is okay, clean the lock up and regrease the springs as indicated by the arrows. One of the problems with overgreasing the lock is that any excess runs down into the microswitch at the bottom potentially causing a contact problem. Ensure that the switch is nicely cleaned and actuates correctly before reassembly.

As you reassemble, check that you feed the bar of the solenoid through the hole in the boot release catch. You can see the bar through the hole as indicated by the arrow below.

Reassemble the tailgate and refit to the car. Test before refitting the back panel!

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