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Removing the lower tailgate is necessary if you want to replace any components of the boot locking mechanism. Fortunately, it is a fairly easy task. To begin, you need to remove the rear boot panel.

The boot panel is filled with foam sheeting. Whether this is a vain attempt at soundproofing or to stop little rattles is a subject open to debate! Start to remove the foam to reveal the wiring. You will need to remove the upper section and the main centre section to gain full access.

The coupé tailgate has four electrical connections:

  • Left numberplate light
  • Right numberplate light
  • Boot lock microswitch
  • Boot release solenoid

These connections are all identified below:

You will probably have disconnected the numberplate lights when you removed the back panel. So all that is left is the boot release solenoid and lock microswitch. Both of these have small retaining clips which need to be moved before the connector will come apart.

Now open the tailgate and look at the left hand corner by the hinges. You will see the rubber cable grommet. Push this in the direction shown to unclip it from the boot panel. The wiring should now all be free.

Whilst the tailgate is open, look by the hinges and you will see two cover caps either side. This can be removed by hand.

The hinges attach to the boot with four T30 bolts. There are two either side. You will need to use an angled tool in order to gain sufficient access:

The bolts fix to a plate on the inside of the boot frame. This plate will drop free as you undo the above bolts so make sure you don't lose it!

Now be careful as the tailgate is no longer secured. Take care not to drop it onto the rear lower panel. The final bits to remove are the hinge cables. Use a T45 bit to free both sides. Hold on to the tailgate as you undo the second one!

The tailgate is now completely free. Lift it off the hinges and away from the car.

Refitting is the reverse of removal.

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