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Click here for a full list of all the lamps on a fortwo.

All the graphics for the fan / heater selector switches are illuminated from 1 509T 1.1W lamp. This is held in the 'safety triangle' on top.

Release the triangle by carefully levering it out from the back. (you can use a small watchmakers screwdriver if it helps).

Lift the triangle out (pivot forward slightly and lift)

Unplug the power/signal cable and the clock cable.

There are 3 T8 Torx screws which hold the 2-button triangle together (4 T8 screws on the 3 and 4 button triangles).

The triangle will now come apart, into 3 parts.

Turn the PCB over and you will see the bulb on the top edge. Use a screwdriver (or 5mm hex bit), to twist the bulb by 90 degrees.

The bulb will be free once the metal connector pins are free from the PCB.

Now replace the bulb accordingly, and reassemble in reverse.

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