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HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. It refers to lighting technology that relies on an electrical charge to ignite xenon gas contained in a sealed bulb. The technology these lamps is similar to that of common vapour-filled street lamps. This form of lighting doesn't have a filament but instead creates light by igniting an arc between two electrodes

HID kits have different colour ranges, to demonstrate these different colour ranges we have lined up three cars, the left hand side is stock halogen 2500k, the middle is fitted with a 6000k, the far right is fitted with a 8000k kit.

3000K - Golden Yellow
4300K - Bright White
6000K - Crystal White
8000K - Crystal Blue
10000K - Aqua Blue
12000K - Purple-Blue
14000K - Purple

The higher the 'k' rating the lower the output, 14000k have the lowest lighting output and should only ever be fitted for show use, We'd recommend no more than 8000k if you are using them on the road and check with your local road laws before installing as you may need to make additional modifications.

The conversion kits work alot better on the roadster and fortwo 451s as they use projector lenses.  However we have used them on a couple of fortwo 450s and from the drivers point of view they are fantastic - but for oncoming traffic they can be dazzling.

If your going to buy one of these conversion kits the bulb types you will require will be as follows:

Fortwo - upto 2001 - H4 bi-xenon
Fortwo - Cab and Coupe from 2002 - H7 for dipped beam
Roadster - All years - H7

Fitting guides for the fortwo (click here) and fitting guides for the roadster (click here)