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This guide is for fitting HIDs to the later (Mk6 and Mk7) cars.

First things first, go and buy two 15A mini flat blade fuses before starting.

Remove the HIDs from the packaging and assemble to make yourself familiar with the kit.

You should have two HID bulbs, two ballasts and two starters.

Remove the front panel from the car, remove the first headlight you wish to work on, then un-clip the cover on the back of the H7 dipped beam.

Using a hole cutter, drill a hole through the cap to allow the grommet to push through tightly into place.

Look at the rear of the headlight with the cover removed. Swing the metal clip down, then disconnect and remove the bulb.

Put the new HID bulb in place and clip down. Connect the black spade connector to the brown and the blue to the yellow.

Tuck the wiring down into the headlight out of the way and replace the cover.

Fix the ballast and starter in a suitable location with the fixings provided with the kit.

I chose the top of the crash bar for the ballast and just in front of the top mount for the starter.

***Make sure they are secure and don't rub on anything***

Tip: Double sided number plate fixing pads are perfect as they provide a secure fit without the need to drill anything.

Connect all of the wires to the ballast, starter and bulb. Bolt the headlight back onto the car.

***Change your 7.5a headlight fuses for 15a***

Repeat the instructions for the other headlight and test.

Refit the front panel, stand back and admire your work.

***Make sure you get your lights realigned at an MOT Station.***

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