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The oil and filter must be changed at each service interval. The fortwo petrol engines are all fitted with a sump drain plug whereas the diesel models do not. This guide focuses on the petrol models only.

To perform the oil change, you will need a new oil filter and approximately 3.2 litres for fully synthetic engine oil. We recommend 5W40 oil for the UK. For other countries, this may be varied to suit your climate. Ensure that the car is parked on level ground before starting.

The oil filter is a part of a sealed canister which needs to be replaced in its entirety. The part is a Mitsubishi 1230A040 filter with a smart part number of: A132 180 00 10.

Before draining the oil, take the car for a spin to warm up the oil and make it drain easier.

The oil filter and sump plug are located at the bottom of the engine:

Use a 26mm hex socket to remove the sump plug. If the engine is still warm, be careful of the exhaust!

Catch the oil in a suitable container.

To aid the flow of oil out of the engine, remove the oil filler cap and dipstick from the top of the engine as circled below:

With these removed, give the surrounding areas a careful clean to stop any dust and particles from falling inside.

To remove the oil filter use a suitable wrench to turn the filter through 1/4 turn.

Remove the wrench and turn the filter by hand. Ensure that your oil container is located directly beneath to catch the oil from within the oil filter housing.

Remove the filter and allow the remain oil to drain for a few minutes. Then give the surface a clean with a paper towel.

Take your new filter and remove all plastic packaging. Coat the seal (arrowed) with some fresh oil before fitting. Tighten the filter to 14Nm.

Remove the sump plug from the engine and thoroughly clean the filter. Inspect the inside of the mesh for any foreign bodies. Before refitting, ensure that you use a new copper sealing ring. Tighten the plug to 65Nm.

Now the sump plug and filter are in place, fill with oil. Pour this in slowly and allow to settle before taking a reading. We advise pouring 2.5 litres and then check the level every subsequent 1/4 litre to ensure that the correct amount has been put in.

Check that the level on the dipstick is between Empty and Full. We recommend filling to about 2/3 full.

Refit the filler cap and disptick and start the car. You will hear the engine note smooth out after about 2 seconds as the oil fully circulates. Take the car for a spin, switch off and allow the engine to settle for a few minutes before checking the oil level again. It will probably be nearly at the Full line on the dipstick. If it is low, put in a little bit more to take it up to 2/3 full.

Remember to check your oil level every month.

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