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First step is to remove the boot panel shown here.

With the boot panel removed you must now disconnect the wiring loom. Remove the connections for the boot catch, the central locking actuator and the door open sensor wire. The boot catch connector needs the connector clip to be levered up, the door sensor connector requires the clip to be pushed in, and the central locking actuator requires the clip to be pulled up.

Now unhook the wires from the metal retaining and routing clips and pull the grommit connection out of the guide in the boot panel.

The wiring should now be free.

Using a T40 torx bit, remove the bolts for the support cables from the tailgate. You will need to ensure that the boot is supported once these have been removed.

From the boot area, use a 15mm socket to undo the 2 mounting nuts from the trid.

The tailgate should now be free.

Note: When refitting, there is room for adjustment in the mounting nuts, a tip is to pull the mounts towards the top of the hole in the trid and tighten from there.

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