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To remove the door panels, you must first remove the mirrors using the guide here.

With the mirrors removed this now exposes a T25 torx bolt to be removed.

To aid removal it is easier to slacken off the door handle mechanism to give you more movement in the panel later.
On the passenger side, remember to remove the plastic rivet pin (on the side of the door panel), push through the centre into the door and retrieve when the panel is removed.

It is secured with 2 T25 torx bits.

Leaving the window seal firmly in place, slide your fingers carefully behind the top edge of the door panel and pull. There are 3 clips, which do not require much force to release.

Now firmly hold the door panel and push it towards the front of the car, it needs to travel 8-10mm. This action releases a slide clip at the top of the panel where it is supported against a cross-member.

Slide the door downwards from the front first (pivoting on the back edge).

Once the panel is 'free' from the edge of the door frame on the front, pull the door horizontally towards the rear of the car, this releases a lug from underneath the door handle (using the clearance you created earlier).

The door should now be free.

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