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You will need to remove the mirrors if you ever want to remove the outer door panels.

The interior trim comes in two sections. Start by removing the single securing screw for the adjuster housing using a Torx T20 bit. You will find the awkward to get to but a 90degree tool will do the job:

Pull the trip upwards and away from the door to remove the cover. You will feel force against this, as it is held in place with 2 plastic tabs under the cover. You could lever the cover up at the bottom edges, but to avoid marking the interior plastic we advise against this.

As you look down the cover you can see the adjuster mechanism secured into the cover with a single clip, gently lift this clip to release the adjuster.

With the first section of the interior trim removed, you can now turn your attention to the section section. This is held in place with two T20 screws in the following locations:

The trim will now be free to remove. Pull the lower section towards you to unclip it. Then lift the rubber section upwards to remove it from the mirror housing.

You will now be able to access the 3x T20 screws which hold the wing mirror to the door frame. Remember to hold the mirror when you undo the screws otherwise it will fall off!

Slide the mirror adjuster through the hole in the door frame and lift the mirror away from the car.

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