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Whether you are installing an after market in-car entertainment system or adding the auxillary input connector, you will need to remove the radio.

Start by pulling the centre console switch block where shown below:

The switch block is connected at the back.

You don't have to disconnect the switch block but you may prefer it out of the way. In order to release the cable connector, push down where shown below:

Whilst pushing, swing the retaining arm all the way round until the connector becomes free.

Free the Torx screw that is revealed as shown:

Pull the top of the centre console up from the dashboard. As it unclips, it will swing forward and become free.

The radio is held in place by four T25 screws as shown:

Remove the screws and the radio will slide out.

On the back of the radio, you will have the following connectors.

Unplug these to complete radio removal.

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