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Fitting the pods to the old fortwo could be easy handed depending on whether you car was LHD or RHD. However this was not quite so straightforward on the Roadster so we developed this guide. Because the two pods are mounted on a common frame, we have a similar problem on the fortwo 451. Conventionally, the rev counter should be closer to the driver than the clock. As standard, this works for the LHD but for the RHD a small modification is needed.

Note: if your pod design is slightly different, scroll down to the bottom where you will see some more information.

Start by pulling the centre console switch block where shown below:

The switch block is connected at the back.

In order to release the cable connector, push down where shown below:

Whilst pushing, swing the retaining arm all the way round until the connector becomes free.

Free the Torx screw that is revealed as shown:

Pull the top of the centre console up from the dashboard. As it unclips, it will swing forward and become free.

Use a T10 bit to free the two screws holding the pods in place.

There is a small connector adjacent to the pods which will allow the pods to become free.

On the underside of the pods, you will see two T8 screws holding the pods to the base frame. Unscrew both on each pod.

Slide the wires off the strain relief tab.

As the clock pod becomes disconnected, carefully unplug the wiring.

Repeat for the rev counter which has a slightly larger connector.

Remove the wiring from the base plate and reverse.

Feed the wiring back through and reconnect the pods.

Slide the wires back under the strain relief clip.

In reversing the wiring there is now not enough length in the cable to route it back along the original route. Instead, the cable needs to be brought through the opposite side.

Cut a small notch and file off any sharp edges as follows. We understand that newer models of the pods have a slightly different base plate and as such, you do not need to cut out this notch.

The pods are now ready to put back on the car.

As you can see, the pods make much more sense being this way round on the RHD fortwo.

The base design of the pods changed between 2008 and 2010. The cable track in the base was removed and a connector added. This makes the conversion much more straightforward as you don't have to cut any of the base to route the cables. However, the connector that links the two pods can no longer be held by its retaining clip. In the picture below, we have made the swap. Note how smart have introduced two sticky pads covering the cable to each pod. This was an attempt to cut down on vibration noise from the pods when driving.

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