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The central spine can accommodate two accessories unlike the fortwo 450 which has space for four. The fortwo 451 accessories and part numbers are listed as follows:

  • Smoker's Kit (A4518100130)
  • CD holder RHD (A4516830175)
  • CD holder LHD (A4516830075)

The accessories fit in the following location:

Unpack your accessories.

The smoker's kit comes with the cigarette lighter in the ashtray.

Fit the lighter to finish off that untidy looking empty socket in the centre of the dash.

The accessories make use of a clip retaining system. In this way, they can be removed easily if ever you need to access the battery in the passenger footwell.

This shows how the clip fits to the centre spine:

Fit the ashtray at the top.

As the ashtray for the RHD fortwo is the same as for the LHD, you will notice that it appears upside down. Simply push out the removable inner tray and refit the correct way round.

Now fit the CD holder.

Installation complete.

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