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All the display lights in the speedo are strictly a mixture of PLCC-4, PLCC-4 domed and 0805 SMD LEDs. However, if you are not fussed about changing the colour of your needle, you can get away with just PLCC-2.

If you just want to change the backlighting colour, you will need 10x PLCC-2 SMD LEDs (although some speedos require fewer).

To start, ensure that the ignition and sidelights are switched off.

Hold the speedo at the back and pull forward.

It will unclip from the dash.

The speedo is connected with a single cable. In order to disconnect it, push the white lever and swing the retaining arm as shown:

Remove the speedo from the car.

Carefully remove the front bezel. It is simply clipped in place. Try to avoid using a screwdriver as it will damage the edge of the bezel.

The base of the speedo will unclip as shown:

If you want to keep the warranty seal in one piece, carefully peel it back with a knife to reveal the front screen retaining clips.

Free the clips and the front screen will come free.

Lift off the needle cover.

The LCD ribbon cable is held in place with a latching connector. To free it, pull the black connector base upwards.

The ribbon cable will simply come free.

Lift off the LCD from the base.

On the back of the speedo case, there are three clips which need to be freed. The core of the speedo will come free from the case.

Before you can remove the dial face, the needle needs to be moved out of the way.

Carefully bend the needle over the stop and move it so that it points directly down.

Unclip the dial face from the PCB and carefully manipulate it so that the needle passes through it.

Take the PCB and begin your LED changes.

By holding the front sections up to the light, you can see what the warning lights are. Some of the warning lights may not be applicable to your model.

For LED orientation, click on the following picture to make larger. LED orientation is shown with a triangle pointing to the cut-out on the negative side of the LED. Observe correct polarity when soldering.

No.Original TypeOEM ColourFunction
1 PLCC-4 Warm White Speedometer Numbers
2 PLCC-4 Warm White LCD Backlight
3 PLCC-4 Orange ESP Triangle
4 PLCC-4 Green Left Indicator
5 PLCC-4 Orange Right Indicator
6 PLCC-4 Red Battery
7 PLCC-4 Red Oil Warning
8 PLCC-4 Red Water Temperature
9 PLCC-4 Domed Green Dipped Headlights
10 PLCC-4 Domed Orange Rear Fog
11 PLCC-4 Domed Blue Full Beam
12 PLCC-4 Domed Red Low Tyre Pressure
13 PLCC-4 Domed Red Seatbelt
14 PLCC-4 Domed Red Airbag
15 PLCC-4 Domed Green ECO ready
16 PLCC-4 Domed Orange ECO charging
17 PLCC-4 Domed Orange Diesel pre-heater
18 PLCC-4 Domed Orange Engine warning light
19 PLCC-4 Domed Orange ABS warning light
20 PLCC-4 Domed Red Handbrake / Brake system warning

There are additional LEDs under the needle. However, these are 0805 LEDs and we would recommending leaving them to save realigning the speedo needle.

Test all modifications you make before reassembling the speedo. For this guide, we simply changed the backlights to white:

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