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LEDs needed: 3x PLCC-2 SMD

The fortwo 451 benefits from its predecessor by having backlit window switch buttons as standard. To access them, follow these steps:

Remove the outer trim of the door handle. To protect the interior whilst giving some leverage, we have used a pry-bar wrapped in a towel. You will find that the trim is held on quite tight but will eventually 'snap' free.

Locate your tool in this notch and pull the trim away from the door.

The trim will unhook from behind the door card (as circled below):

the switch assembly will now just lift out.

Observe the connectors. Make sure you plug them in the correct way around when you reassemble.

Press the small latch before pulling the connectors free.

The passenger door switch is similar but you will need to slide this out towards you before removing.

With the switch assemblies removed, remove each switch module from the frame. They are held in with four clips, one on either side. Access to the driver's side switches can be tricky! Thinking about this after the event, you can skip this step and proceed strai

Remove the back of each switch model by levering it free from the sides. The back is held in four places, two on either side as circled below.

The switch assembly will now come apart.

Take the PCB and you will see the LED located in the middle. The orientation is shown below with the triangle pointing towards the cathode.

Replace the LED and test by turning on the side lights before reassembling. We have chosen white LEDs to give a clean, neutral look.

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