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The picture below will help you identify the belt drive components, tensioner, and belt sizes.

  • Tensioner unit
  • Air condition compressor (if fitted)
  • Water pump
  • Crank shaft drive
  • Alternator

The setup shown above is shown with air conditioning fitted, if your car doesn't have air conditioning fitted you simply won't have items 1, 2 and the top belt fitted.

Servicing belt drive components...

As time goes on some components will eventually wear out and so they will need to be replaced like any car. Here we will show you what will generally need to be replaced on higher mileage cars.

Air Conditioning Tensioners

These units, like any, wear out and will need replacing when they start to get noisy.


Belts will crack, split and perish. They should be checked at every service for signs of wear and replaced if necessary.

If the belts fail you will lose different functions of your car depending on which belt goes. If the main belt fails then the alternator will no longer charge the car's battery and it will overheat as the water pump will not operate.

Belt sizes:

Air conditioning belt - 3PK850 - smart part no: SQ000 3190 V005

Alternator belt - 4PK790 - smart part no: SQ000 3177 V003

Water Pump

As with any other vehicle the water pump can get noisy and need replacing.

If the water pump fails the engine will overheat which can cause permanent if not terminal damage, so if you hear it getting noisy get it replaced ASAP.

smart part number for the water pump is SQ000 4681 V002.

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