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Note: Before disconnecting the old battery ensure you have the radio code as the standard unit is coded.

The fortwo takes a specific shaped battery. Is is important that you get the correct one otherwise it will not fit correctly. The original smart battery is manufactured by Banner with the product code 544 59. Other batteries will fit but you must ensure that they are type 012. The dimensions of the battery and orientation of terminals are shown below. Be careful if you order from online from retailers as the height of the battery might not be correct.

The battery specifications are printed on top of the OEM battery. The replacement battery must have these sepcifications as a minimum.

As the battery is located in a confined space, there must be a facility for the battery gases to escape. A rubber tube is provided that links the battery vent to the underside of the car. Ensure that your new battery has this link.

The battery on the left hand drive fortwo is located under the passenger side footwell.

To gain access you need to remove the floor mat and pull the carpet back.

Unscrew the fixings on the false floor.

Remove the false floor from the car, this can take some manouvering but will just pull out to reveal the battery.

Using a 10mm socket/spanner, remove the negative terminal and the holding bracket. This bracket holds the battery in place. If your new battery is not tall enough then it will slide around within the battery bay.

Remove the top red cover off and unbolt the positive terminal.

Finally, lift out the battery and replace in reverse of this guide ensuring you remove and re-connect the battery breather pipe.

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