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The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is required by an MOT station when the time is due for your fortwo's annual checkup. However, if you take the car to an MOT station that isn't familiar with smarts, they may struggle to locate the VIN and ask you. For your information, the VIN in the fortwo is located in the boot.

Lift up the carpet to reveal the engine cover.

All mk7 fortwos begin with 'WME450...' hence why these smarts are sometimes known as fortwo 450's. Earlier smarts either begin with TCC01 or WME01MC but these are still classified as fortwo 450s.

For left hand drive cars, there is also an etched version just to the front of the battery bay. This has been partially blanked out to protect the car's identity.

Right hand drive cars have the etched VIN in the boot, under the carpet to the back of the engine bay. Again, this has been partially obscured.

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