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We are often asked whether or not certain panels will interchange between coupes and cabrios. This guide should help explain why most panels will not swap between the two.

Starting at the back of the car, you can clearly see that the boot panels are a completely different shape. Note also that the difference in boot lock positions indicated by the arrows. The only panel which will interchange is the lower bumper which is fenced by the dashed red line.

Moving to the rear quarter panels, the difference in light clusters between the coupe and cabrio require a different panel to suit. Note how the panel is higher on the cabrio.

For obvious reasons, the coupe tridion safety cell on the coupe is a totally different shape to the cabrio. Again, looking at where the rear quarter panel meets the lower part of the tridion, you will notice another difference.

Now if we look at the door panels, you can see how the difference in tridion shape is reflected. The coupe has one crease in the panel whereas the cabrio has a line and a crease that compliments tridion crease below the door handle.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the front quarter panels were the same, however, they are not! Look at the cabrio quarter panel and you will see the crease from the door panel following through.

The one remaining panel is the front centre panel. This is the other panel which can be interchanged between coupe and cabrios and is shown below by the dashed line. Unlike the cabrio, the coupe in the photo below has a Brabus lower splitter that attaches below the numberplate. The same splitter will fit both coupe and cabrios by replacing the standard black trim shown on the cabrio.

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