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Should you see the following single bar and flashing gauges, then there is a communication problem on the network bus that links the speedo, ECU and central electronics (ZEE or SAM).

This fault is fairly uncommon but if it occurs, you will not be able to start or drive the car. Some of the reasons for this might be simple, others might be more serious. Should this happen shortly after a remap or other electronic adjustment, this may be the cause.

Before you begin to panic, try disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes to see if that clears any confusion between the systems.

If that still doesn't work, then disconnect the battery and check the following:

  • Connection on the speedo.
  • ECU connectors.
  • All SAM / ZEE unit connections.
  • Check all fuses on the SAM / ZEE.
  • If you have a ZEE, check the engine fuses under the left seat.
  • Check all wiring for signs of any chafing or other damage.

If none of these checks work, then you may have a problem with one of the electrical systems. To be able to diagnose further, the smart specialist equipment will be required.

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