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Brabus has improved the design of the handbrake for the fortwo 451. It is easier to install and looks more impressive than the one for the fortwo 450. As smart have kept the handbrake arm the same, it is possible to fit the newer handle to the older model. You can order a handbrake under the part number: A451 4200 112 C55U.

Before continuing, ensure that you have parked in reverse as you will be releasing the handbrake.

In order to fit the Brabus handbrake, the plastic one needs to be removed.

Unscrew the button on the end.

Remove the retaining plastic lug from under the handle. This is a bit tricky and you will end up destroying the lug in the process!

Slide the handle off the handbrake arm.

Now fit the rubber band that comes with the Brabus handbrake.

Slide on the Brabus handle. Check that both grub screws are fully open.

Tighten both grub screws ensuring that the handle remains straight (and not twisted).

Turn the leather gaiter inside out and slide over the handle.

Secure with the rubber band.

Turn the leather gaiter the correct way.

Tuck the excess into the carpet.

Screw on the end button to complete the installation.

Test operation and then admire a very sleek accessory.

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