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Without pods, the fortwo centre console looks very bare. Pods help to compliment the 'quirky-ness' of the car as well as providing you with some added functionality.

The two pods are clock and rev counter. All you need to fit them are a Torx T10 bit screwdriver and a normal flat blade screwdriver. On older fortwos, both pods should work straightaway. On the newer mk7's (700cc engine) you may need the rev counter software to be activated by a smart dealer following installation of the hardware.

Start by removing the safety island with the flat blade screwdriver.

Disconnect the wiring and put the safety island out of the way.

Under the steering column, there are 4x Torx T10 screws which need to be removed in order to separate the dash.

Once free, pull both sections of the dash apart. Disconnect the dash wiring by swinging back the retaining clip and pulling out the connector.

This should be where you are at:

Loosen the top of the centre console. You do not need to remove the screws all the way; just enough to allow the pod connectors to fit underneath.

Slide the pods into place. If your car is right hand drive, then the rev counter (by convention) goes on the right. For left hand drive cars, the pods are reversed.

Locate the pods over the fixing holes and screw in place. If your dashboard is not pre-drilled, then line the pods up and use an awl to make a pilot hole before screwing in place.

Tuck the rev counter connector outside of the central area.

This cable needs to be run in the route shown by the red line below. It can be fitted discreetly by tucking it in round the edges.

Bring the rev counter connector to the back of the steering column.

Fix the top of the centre console back in place with the two screws you loosened earlier.

Plug the clock into the side connector.

Plug the safety triangle connector back in place.

Ensure that the cables are folded out of the way before you refit the triangle.

Plug the rev counter connector into the back of the dash in the location shown below. Check that it is fully home.

Plug the main connector into the back of the dash ensuring that the swing lever is folded back in place. You may notice the LEDs flash as the dash reboots. Carefully fit the whole dash assembly back in place. Check that both halves tessellate correctly before screwing together.

The clock will be working automatically. Use the buttons on the rear of the pod to set the correct time.

Turn the key to position 1. You may hear a harsh sound come briefly from the dash. Don't worry, this is just all the stepper motors correcting themselves following disconnection.

Start the car. If your rev counter does not move but the backlights come on with the sidelights, then it needs to be activated at a smart dealer.

Admire a more complete look to your car's centre console.

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