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Removing the internal sunblind in the Coupe is becoming fairly common practice as they are pretty useless and slide around a lot with enthusiastic driving.

First pop out the rear courtesy light to access the rear bracket for the sunblind runner. Use a T25 bit to rotate the cam anticlockwise 90 degrees. This slackens the runner.

You’ll now have plenty of space to get your hands up either side of the sunblind, pull the clips apart with your fingers to release the sunblind. Repeat for front and back.

With the sunblind removed and the runner slackened, it is now a simple case of pushing the runner to one side at the front to remove it. (picture 2)

You may need to loosen the front trim to remove the front runner bracket.

Fold down the sun visors and remove the four screws beneath (arrowed red). For further access remove the scews on the sunvisors and under the rear view mirror (green). To remove the rear view mirror, pop off the actual mirror from the ball joint and rotate the stalk 90 degrees in either direction.

Once done, look up and enjoy the view.

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