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There are a number of different accessories that you can fit to the centre column of your fortwo. In this guide, we will be fitting the CD drawers to a right hand drive fortwo 450 facelift.

Up to four accessories can be fitted in the centre section. The first is generally occupied by the ashtray, which can be removed if you wish.

As you fit the accessory, you need to clip it in to the underside of the one above. This clip works by sliding in the accessory from the left.

With the accessory clipped in place, it will be relatively secure while you bolt it up.

Several accessories for sale on eBay do not come with the rear fixing bolt. You don't need this for an LHD model but you need it on the RHD to provide stability. A bolt can be ordered from your local smart parts department.

With the centre bolt in place, fit the side bolt.

We found a coin to be the most effective tool. A screwdriver blade is too small and will end up chewing the plastic of the bolt.

Finally, push on a colour cap to finish the job. You can even colour code the cap to your preference!

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