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A squeaking dash is a common problem, especially if you have a leather interior. At certain speeds, the dash seems to resonate and the only way to hold down the speedo cowl.

To address the problem, you need to remove the speedo from the dash. You will need a TX10 torx screwdriver to undo all four screws to do this. Information on this guide may be of help. You don't need to unplug the speedo but for the sake of the guide, we have done in this case.

It is quite obvious on a leather dash that the problem point is at the back of where the speedo sits. You can see in the following picture where the speedo has started to wear the leather. If you have a fabric dash and are experiencing the same problem, the signs may not be as obvious.

This mark corresponds to a small ridge on the underside of the speedo.

Simply cover this ridge in a small strip of sticky-backed foam as shown. We advise using black or dark grey foam as bright colours will be noticeable through the front of the screen when the speedo is back in position.

Fit the speedo back to the car and go for a peaceful drive!

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