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There are 2 methods to changing the clutch. Both require splitting of or removal of the gearbox.

Smart (and most independents) advise using the access hole at the base of the bell-housing on the engine side.

You need to remove the small grommit and undo the 3x 19mm bolts which form the mounting plate of the flywheel - indicated below for clarity.


You will need to manually rotate the engine to line up the bolts with this access point. You may want to remove 3 spark plugs to overcome the compression in the cylinders.

Use a 15mm Spanner on the crankshaft pulley, and rotate in 120° intervals.

Access behind this grommit.

This will release the clutch/flywheel assembly in one piece for you to change off the car.

The other method we have found to be far more efficient, and worked perfectly.

So we understand the approach, the flywheel assembly comprises:

  • Flywheel to Crankshaft mount.

  • Flywheel surface friction plate.

  • Flywheel Ring Gear.

  • Flywheel crank position sensor ring.

The clutch assembly simply consists of:

  • Clutch plate.

  • Clutch housing.

The clutch housing is a light press fit into a gap between the outside edge of the surface plate and the sensor ring.

Carefully take two strong screwdrivers, and place into the raised 'vent' holes on either side.

It doesn't take much force to lift the housing from its press fit; you can then remove it.

Now the clutch plate is free, this will just lift (fall!) out.

Change your flywheel (replacement or installing a lightened flywheel). There are 6 bolts in the centre which can be removed using a 11/16AF imperial socket. You will need to use a bar to stop the crank from spinning when removing these bolts.

You don't really need to be mindful of the position here, as there is a locating lug on the flywheel mount.

Refit your new flywheel.

Take your clutch housing and new clutch plate and mount on the 'clutch alignment tool'.

Now offer up and press back into the flywheel. You can help it in by knocking on it evenly with a rubber mallet.

When you are happy that the clutch plate is 'held' in securely between the clutch housing and the flywheel, remove the clutch alignment tool.

Refit the Gearbox.

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