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If you lose pressure from the windscreen washers, it could either be low fluid level, blocked jets, a blown fuse or a faulty washer pump.

The parts used here are:

  • Washer pump (topran part number 107819755)

Remove the front panels; you will see the washer pump located here:

For ease of access we removed the top crossmember, by removing 3x T27 bolts.

Unplug the connector - squeeze to release.

Pull the pipes off.

The pump will now just pull out. It is sealed and held in place with a rubber grommet.

Take the new pump and connect the pipes.

Slot the pump pickup back through the grommet in the reservoir.

Push the pump back into the clips on the reservoir.

Reconnect the pump. The part we used had the connector in the reverse of the original, but the fitting was the same, so simply twist through 180 degrees and push fit.

Test. Remember to then refit the crossmember before the panels!

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