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Brabus exhausts are notorious for not looking their best forever. If you have replaced the standard Brabus valance with the Brabus Blackstar stainless steel valance, you may notice the discolouration of the can through the holes. This can make your expensive setup look pretty cheap!

It is advisable to remove the exhaust from the car, but restoration can be done with the exhaust in situ.

First thing to do is to remove all corrosion and old flaking paint with a wire brush. Kitchen degreaser is perfect for removing any oily deposits. Be careful not to get any water / cleaners in the downpipe, tailpipes or lambda sensor hole.

Use some fine grade wet-and-dry sandpaper to remove any rust patches.

When you are happy that the surface is prepared properly, give the whole exhaust one final degrease with thinners.

Mask off the chrome tail pipes, lambda sensor hole and downpipe.

Use a black VHT (very high temperature) paint and begin to evenly coat the whole of the exhaust. You will need a few coats.

Allow the paint to dry fully.

Remove the masking tape from the protected areas.

Use a metal cleaning product such as AutoSol to polish the tail pipes to a mirror finish.

The exhaust is now ready to refit on the car.

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