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Sometimes the rear wiper doesn't park in its normal position and may hang a bit lower. In order to correct this, you simply need to take the wiper off and put it back at the normal position.

Lift the flap at the end of the wiper which is secured to the car:

Using a 13mm socket or spanner, fully loosen the securing nut and gently ease the wiper off with a screwdriver.

You will see that the wiper spigot has splines on it.

Simply refit the wiper in a suitable position taking care not to tear out any of the teeth inside the wiper securing hole.

Whilst holding the wiper in place, screw on the nut and tighten fully with the spanner. Don’t think you can get away with testing it with the nut only finger tight – it soon unwinds.

Test the wiper to ensure that it doesn’t strike either side during operation.

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