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Have you ever noticed how ugly the smart rear wiper is?

Well, looking around a few different cars I selected a replacement wiper arm from a Fiat Brava. The arm with the blade costs approx £15 from a Fiat dealer: it's a 13" blade but is offset slightly so it gives a bigger sweep. (picture 1)

Firstly, to remove the old arm on the smart, pull back the cover on the central fixing point and undo the nut securing it. Slowly wiggle the arm from the fixing to remove. (picture2)

With the Fiat blade the fixing hole is slightly too small. You therefore need to drill the hole out to 8mm all the way through, then drill a 9mm pitch about 4mm into the rear of the hole to allow it to secure itself in place when refitted. (picture3)

Press the blade in the correct parking position on the mounting stud and replace the lock nut.

>Now test the wiper ensuring there is no play while it is in the park position.

Due to the offset blade it may foul the bodywork, but this can be avoided by trimming about 5mm off the actual wiper rubber.

See how much cleaner it looks...

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