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This guide is based on fitting the Lester skirts. This particular skirt has changed ownership about five times so you may well see them under a different name.

When fitting any kind of skirt the process is almost the same; even if you have a different brand the theory will be similar.

First things first, clean the sill that you are applying the skirt to.

Offer the skirt up to the car for a trial fit.

Some skirt suppliers recommend using a black silicone adhesive to seal the top of the skirt to the trid.

We found it was best to use trim tape as it's a lot less messy and will allow the skirt to be removed at any time without too much hassle or risk of snapping it.

It is important to put something along the top edge of the skirt (whether it be silicone or trim tape) as they will start to vibrate against the trid at high speeds.

Using self tapping screws fix the skirt to the car using three at the front, three on the rear and two underneath as circled below.

Repeat for the other side.

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