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It is not uncommon for the door handles on the fortwos to become stiff, and even seize.
If you experience this, they should not be forced open, as you risk snapping the cable, which is only available to buy from smart as a unit with the door handle itself for around £45.

The handle is held on with a single T27 torx bit. You will need to open the door to gain access to it, so we suggest you climb in through the opposite side and open it from inside!

The handle is secured on to the frame by 2 sliding clips. It may be difficult to slide out, but you need to grab hold of the edge of the lip and slide towards the back of the car, whilst carefully pulling outwards.
This action will help overcome the friction of the clips on the frame.

You can see the clips here on the back of the door handle.

Located into the frame here.

The resistance is not necessarily caused by the cable (this can be a popular misconception) so take the opportunity whilst the handle is off the car to also lubricate the door catch mechanism.
Use, a good 3-in-1 spray oil, or some thin spray grease to lubricate. Try to avoid WD-40 or similar as it will not have a lasting effect.

Lubricate the cable where it enters the sheath in the mount on the door.

Lubricate the cable where it enters the sheath on the door handle itself.
You can open and close the handle to try to promote the track of the lubricant into the cable.

Lubricate the catch mechanism itself.
This is the part people often miss, but the mechanism becomes stiff after time, and some lubricant in here really helps.

You do have the option of detaching the cable (it's only held on with a small plastic lug), and you may then get a better chance of lubricating the cable efficiently.

Just to help the plastic sliding mechanism, you can also just squirt some lubricant into the handle itself.

Reassemble the handle to the door, making sure you don't trap the cable as you offer it back up to the frame.
Also make sure that when it clips into place, the rubber seal from the bottom edge of the window is not caught.
Press firmly back into place, with a sliding forward motion.

Tighten the T27 bit, and clean the excess lubricant off the exterior of the handle!!

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