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This is something a bit different and a little bit experimental. By doing this we changed the shape of the letterbox air intake ( inside the airbox) into something a bit better for airflow.

You will need:
50mm Pipercross cold air feed pipe
50mm trumpet
Michalak sucker
50mm 90degree elbow
2” Jubilee clip

First take the Michalak air scoop, push the front and back apart. Remove the mesh and use a drimmel to cut the back off the rear plate. Glue the 50mm pipercross trumpet though the front.

Jack up rear nearside wheel and remove wheel and wheelarch lining. There are 3 plastic nuts on the inside of the wheel arch to remove and it also helps to remove the bolt at the front of the rear wing.

Unscrew the airbox inlet and replace the opening with a 50mm 90degree elbow. Use a soldering iron and off-cuts from the top part of the intake to seal up the old opening.

finished result on the left:

Attach the 50mm cold air feed pipe to the modified Michalak and install on to car. Pop out your old air intake and feed the pipe though its route. Michalak, as usual is stuck on with double sided tape.

Screw in the new airbox inlet and secure the cold air feed pipe using a jubilee clip. Then replace the wheel arch lining, depending on the fit you may need to trim out some of the wheelarch lining to accommodate the elbow

Now there’s a better shape intake to the airbox.

All done, trust us it makes a difference!

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