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Rear drums don't look nice compared to your shiny front discs. As time goes on your drums will start to rust and the paint will begin to fade, but there is a solution to this.

Your first thing to do is select some paint to use. VHT has been recommended but Hammerite Smooth gives really nice results; the colour choices are pretty vast too.

Next you need to jack your car up on one side (chock the wheels), remove a wheel and clean the drum with a wire brush to remove the worst of the rust. You then need some sandpaper to get rid of the finer pieces, and finally clean the area well with some de-greaser.

At this stage you have two options: You can either brush the paint straight on, or remove the drum and spray on for a smoother, more even coverage.

To remove the drum you need to remove the T40 torx bolt, release the handbrake (making sure the wheels are chocked) and lever it off.

Allow good drying time as you don't want your wheel sticking to the drum. Although it can feel dry to the touch, Hammerite dries from the outside in so it can be misleading.

You could take the opportunity to clean out inside the rear drum too.

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