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Arch extensions can be fitted to both the original and facelift fortwos. They were fitted to the both the 700cc Pulse and Brabus models as standard to allow for the slighltly wider tyres on the rear. If you upgrade your wheels and find that the tyre tread projects beyond the panel arch, you must fit these extensions otherwise the car may struggle to pass an MOT.

The extenions are very cheap and give the car a nice finishing detail. You can order a fitting kit comprising the extensions and the retaining clips from your local smart parts centre under the folllowing code:

Q001 5595 V001 C22A 00

First, give the car a clean to ensure that you don't trap any dirt under the extensions.

The extension has five clips which attach to the main panel, circled below.

Ensure that the extenion clips firmly in place.

Slide the extension around the arch so it is about 10cm up from the base of the panel.

Now secure the extenions by pressing in the retaining clips as shown.

This completes the installation. Now repeat for the other side!

As you can see, the extensions appear subtle and are nice touch.

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