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The Brabus drilled stainless steel exhaust valance was fitted to the fortwo Ultimate and the Blackstar both of which boasted 101bhp engines as standard. The following picture is of the Brabus Blackstar taken outside smart-Brabus in Germany.

The valance is very good quality as it is reinforced with a stainless steel bead around the edge to stop it flexing and stiking the exhaust. To fit the valance to your fortwo, you will need a twin exit exhaust already fitted to you car. The valance can be bought from smart under the following part number: XXXXXX. You will also need the valance fitting kit as follows:

The fitting kit is a lot of money for what it is so it might be worth making your own! The following components are what the kit comprises:

To fit the valance, rest the rear section face down and remove the old valance. Line up the Brabus valance as follows:

Fit the four bolts along the top edge first. Put the large washer on the panel side so that the force can be spred over a wider area and not damage the panel.

Use an 8mm socket on either side and tighten the lock nut up fully.

The two twisted metal strips tie the valance back to the crash bar brackets. Note how one of the holes is offset.

Position the offset hole end of the metal strip against the the valance as follows:

Fit the nut, bolt and washers as before.

Tighten these so that the hold the metal strip in place but allow it to still swing freely.

The valance assembly is now complete.

Fit the panel assembly to the car and secure the metal strips as follows. This is easier said that done as not even the genuine parts line up correctly. You may need to bend the metal strip slightly with some pliers.

As you can see, this Brabus valance is a really nice touch. The stainless steel can be easily maintained with some Autosol to keep it gleaming.

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