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If you can find the bits, it is possible to upgrade your wing mirrors to electric ones without shelling out for the whole kit. This How To only discusses upgrading the wing mirror assembly. For the complete upgrade, click here.

In order to complete this task, you will need to acquire the following parts:

  • Electric Wing Mirror Motor (left)
  • Electric Wing Mirror Motor (right)
  • Heated Wing Mirror Glass (left)
  • Heated Wing Mirror Glass (right)

You will also need the following tools:

  • Torx Bit T15
  • Torx Bit T20

Remove the existing wing mirror assemblies from the car.

Remove the foam backing from where the mirror meets the car.
Remove the glass by pulling as shown. Have some confidence, it may seem that it is going to break in half - however it doesn't.

Remove the mirror surround by using a TX20 bit on the 3 screws underneath.

Remove the mirror direction mechanism by undoing the 3x TX15 screws holding it in place.

You will need to loosen the supporting bracket in order to feed the control lever through the mirror. This is held in by 3x TX20 screws; two are inside the mirror, one is underneath.

With all the components out, it is good time to clean out any spiders and other wildlife nesting in the frames.

Replace the supporting frames first with the silver TX20 screws. Then fix the electric wing mirror motors where the manual ones were. Feed the cable through the mirror and out underneath.

Ensure the foam section with the triangle is located well, then replace the door mount. Fix in place with the black TX20 screws.

Plug the two additional wires in to the heated mirror glass. There is no polarity to be observed.

Locate the mirror glass on the motor unit. When it seems to rest centrally within the frame, apply gradual pressure in the centre of the glass. You will find that quite a bit of force is required but in the end, it will click into place.

Replace the foam section for the back of the mirror assembly.

You are now ready to reattach the unit to your car.

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