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There are several different performance air filters on the market which are suited for different needs. Some offer very high filtration but can be very restrictive and reduce the amount of air getting to the turbo.

We have found that the ITG direct replacement air filter offers the best of both worlds. Fitting the filter is a very simple task. Open the engine cover:

The airbox is located on the left hand side of the engine bay.

The lid is secured by four clips at each corner. Free each of these. You will find the back-right one tricky as it is restricted by the cable sleeves to the ECU.

To remove the existing filter, slide the retaining arm back as shown below. Push the filter towards the back of the airbox and lift it free of the car.

Give the airbox a bit of a clean in order to remove any debris that might have been sucked up into it.

Replace with the new filter in the reverse way to removal.

Refit the lid and ensure all clips are secure.

Finally, stick the label supplied with the air filter to the top of the box. If you take you car to a dealer for servicing, this label will hopefully prompt them not to throw away your expensive addition and replace it for an OEM one. It still might be worth reminding them as you can never be to sure.

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