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The TIK is the pipe that connects the airbox to the turbo inlet. Replacing the TIK is a good modification to complement a new air filter as it allows more air to flow more freely into the turbo.

Replacement TIKs can be bought in three sizes from Smart as replacement parts rather than upgrades.

Standard fortwos were fitted with 45kw pipes (bottom)

Standard Roadsters and Brabus Fortwos were fitted with 60kw pipes (centre)

Brabus Roadsters and Ultimate 101s were fitted with 74kw pipes (top)

Pipes are priced accordingly from Smart: the 60kw one is about £15.00 and the 74kw has been reduced to around £50.00 + VAT, Fit as big as your budget will allow.

Other TIKs are available but none are as tidy and fit as well as the official smart ones.

First things first: remove the rear panels to access the engine bay.

For instructions in doing this please refer to this guide here...

Removing the rear panel

Remove the crash bar by unscrewing the six T45 Torx bolts securing it to the chassis rail (three either side).

Undo the jubilee clip holding the TIK to the air box.

Loosen the E bolts that hold the TIK bracket to the gearbox. You will notice that there is an earth cable attached to one of these.

Pull off the two pipes at the lower end of the TIK. You may need to use a screwdriver to offer some gentle persuasion.

Loosen the jubilee clip holding the lower end of the TIK to the turbo.

Carefully manipulate the TIK so that it comes free at both ends. Gently rotate it to reveal the third pipe at the back. Be very careful when removing this pipe as it's small and quite brittle.

Rotate the TIK a bit more to reveal the two E Bolts that hold it to the mounting bracket. You may need to disconnect the sensor in order to gain access. Undo these bolts to free the TIK from the car.

It is absolutely essential that you replace the rubber gasket on the inlet of the turbo for a new one which is matched to your new TIK as the old one will be smaller and restrict the air, defeating the point of this replacement.

When fitting the new rubber gasket put it on the turbo inlet first and then slide the new TIK over the top to avoid it crimping. Remember: you want a good seal so ensure there are no crimps or creases.

Now do all this in reverse to finish the job. Ensure you remember to refit the earth cable, reconnect anything you have undone in order to gain space, and ensure all vacuum pipes are secure.

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