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Start by removing the rear panel and the crash bar.

This picture shows the standard top intercooler hose.

Remove the jubilee clips from the top pipe. There is one jubilee at each end: one on the intercooler and the other at the throttle body.

Remove the other two clips holding the lower pipe on. One at the turbo, the other at the intercooler connection.

Pull both pipes clear of the car.

As you can see from this picture, these pipes are a perfect replacement for the standards.

Older versions of these pipes were only three ply; the latest version has four ply and is a lot more substantial.

Put the new pipes in place by pressing them firmly over the flanged heads on the intercooler, turbo and throttle body, and clamp them down with jubilee clips ensuring that they are secure.

Pay extra attention to the bottom hose on the turbo outlet, as it has a habit of blowing off under pressure. A tip would be to use a stronger, more substantial clip.

On the throttle body there is a rubber gasket that helps hold the pipe on. Ensure that it remains there when you fit the new pipe.

Making sure the pipes are all secure, re-assemble the car.

This is a quick, easy mod that has noticeable results. A beginner could install them in about 2 hours.

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