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Following all of the work and effort that FQ101 have put into developing this project car, we knew how the car drove, but had no data on paper.
The car had no little tweaks, the wastegate actuator was left alone, the fuel was shell 99, and the filter was our side intake modified viper.

The dyno used on this occasion was at Red-Dot Racing in Watford.
The guys strapped the car securely to the rollers.

When the car was ready, a crowd had formed to view how well (or not!) the car would perform.

The results of the dyno were fantastic, much in line with our expectations, but we certainly were not disappointed!

The results were:
119.0 bhp at the flywheel - (standard figure was 55bhp)
117.4 ft/lb torque - (standard figure was 59ft/lb)

Whilst we were pleased with the figures, we (like the guys at red-dot) were very impressed with the delivery, the torque fed in cleanly from 3000rpm to peak at 3500rpm, holding steady throughout the rev range.
The power at peak torque was already up to 100 bhp, with a steady increase to peak power delivered at the redline. The shape of this graph is unique for a smart and is testimonial to the quality of the modifications carried out on this car!

The graph is shown below:
(click to make larger)

A video of the dyno run can be found here:

So impressed with the first run, the guys at Red-Dot ran the car again to demonstrate to their colleagues!!
Second run here: