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The combination filter stops outside particulates from entering the cabin when the ventilation system is running. To stop very small particles, the filter mesh is very tight as does eventually get blocked. Therefore, it is a good idea to replace this filter regularly. smart recommend changing it at every major service interval but should you live somewhere very dusty, more frequent changes are advisable.

The filter is located on the left hand side of the cabin. This guide has been based on a right hand drive car but for left hand drive cars, it can be found in the same location (i.e. in the driver's footwell).

Start by removing the accessories (ash tray, CD holders etc.)

Now peel back the carpet to reveal the footrest.

Remove the two plastic discs that hold the footrest (circled below) by unscrewing them.

The foot rest will now be free to remove. This can be tricky to do at first; as a tip: lift as much of the carpet as you can so that you can get the right hand side free. Try to avoid breaking it!

With the footrest removed, push the carpet back down on top of the battery. The cover for the combination filter is indicated below. Pull the two clips towards you as indicated by the arrows. The cover will hinge towards you and become free.

The clips are fairly fragile. If these have been broken in the past, there are two positions to add some screws. These are shown circled below. If you are struggling to remove the cover, then check to see whether or not some screws have been fitted.

The filter is visible from behind the cover and will pull out. To get it started, you might need to use a small flat blade screw driver. As you pull it out, the filter will foul with the wiring loom. You will be able to bend the filter towards you in order to overcome this.

Take your new filter. Note that these must be fitted the correct way around. The air flow direction arrows must point towards the back of the car.

Fit the new filter in the same way as you removed the old one (by carefully bending it). Note the airflow direction arrows.

With the filter fully home, refit the cover. Check that all three hooks located correctly, as circled.

Hinge the cover closed and clip into place. If retaining screws were used, fit these also.

Now replace the footrest, carpet and accessories to complete the job.

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