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If you ever need to open the dash or replace either of the stalks, this guide will take you through the steps. If you need a new stalk, the parts are as follows:

  • Indicator, headlight stalk (A4515450310)
  • Wiper stalk (coupĂ©) (A4515450410)

Start by pulling down the lower section of the dash below the steering wheel. You will need to be quite firm in order to disengage all the clips.

Once free, remove the lower section.

There are two Torx T10 screws located either side of the steering column which need to be freed.

Lift up the front of the upper section and unhook it from the back. The hooks are circled below.

You can now access the interior of the dash.

The stalks have a spring clip which needs pushing back before you can pull the whole stalk free in the direction shown.

Unplug the wiring from the back of the offending stalk and replace.

Reassemble in the reverse order of this guide.

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