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These 74kw Smart Brabus injectors are the most performance based units available to us direct from smart so its understandable that so many people are paying the huge price tag that comes with them.

Here at FQ101 we are always looking for sources to get these parts at a fairer price; the trouble is, how many Brabus Roadsters do you find in a scrappy? Not many...

However these injectors were never actually designed for smart, they are OE on a lot of standard Mercedes Benz cars so that brings the scrap yard search to a whole new level.

So the scrappy search starts... Get looking for your set, remember you only need three per car.

These can be ordered direct from Mercedes with part number: 1120780149.
Alternatively, they can be ordered straight from Bosch with part number: 0280156014.

List of models these cars are fitted to:
(first is the model, second is the first six digits of the chassis number)

C240 (202.808) (203.061)
C320 (203.081) (203.064) (203.084) (203.764) (203.756)
C350 (203.056) (203.087)
CLK 320 (208.365) (208.465)
CLK 240 (209.361) (209.365)
CLK 240 (209.461) (209.465)
E240 (210.062) (210.262) (211.061) (211.080)
E280 (210.063) (210.263) (210.281)
E320 (210.082) (210.265) (210.282) (211.065) (211.082)
G320 (463.232) (463.233) (463.209) S320 (170.465)
ML320 (163.154)
Vanio (all 3.2 models) Vito 119 and the 122