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Way before everyone was fitting 60kW and 74kW TIK's to their car there were alternatives out there, I for one had a Digitec TIK on my car, these were sold years ago as part of the stage two setup.

They were also available through Smart technique and a few German suppliers.

One problem a lot of customers had was the flexi pipe frayed which lead to the inner wire becoming expose and a hole for air to enter after the filter.

Replacement hoses were never available which rendered these pretty useless (a shame as the part was very good).

Well, if you have one of these trusty old TIK's floating about and need a replacement hose we have the answer, It is actually a heater hose from an old Porsche 911 with a Porsche part number of 93021162201.

The cost of this part from Porsche is £26.19 but alot cheaper from other factors.

So be different and get that pipe restored to its former glory!