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There always seems to be confusion when it comes to the different power outputs of the Suprex engine whether it be 599cc or 698cc. To clear things up we've listed the outputs from the first city coupé right through to the last of the Roadsters.

smart city coupé and cabrio (Generation 1 - 599cc)
1999-2002 Pure 33kW 45ps 44bhp
1999-2002 Pulse 45kW 61ps 60bhp
1999-2002 Passion 40kW 55ps 54bhp
1999-2002 SB1 52kW 71ps 70bhp


smart city coupé (CDI)
2001-2006 CDI 30kW 41ps 41bhp


2002-2003 crossblade 52kW 71ps 70bhp


fortwo coupé and cabrio (Generation 2 - 698cc)
2003-2005 Pure 37kW 50ps 50bhp
2003-2006 Pure 45kW 61ps 60bhp
2003-2006 Pulse 45kW 61ps 60bhp
2003-2006 Passion 45kW 61ps 60bhp
2003-2006 Brabus 55kW 75ps 74bhp
2004-2006 Nightrun 55kW 75ps 74bhp
2004-2005 Ultimate 74kW 101ps 99bhp
2004-2005 Blackstar 74kW 101ps 99bhp


Roadster and Roadster Coupé
2003 Roadster (LHD) 45kW 61ps 60bhp
2003-2004 Roadster 60kW 82ps 80bhp
2004-2005 Bluewave 66kW 82ps 80bhp
2004-2005 RCR 66kW 90ps 60bhp
2004-2005 SB2 66kW 90ps 88ps
2004-2005 Brabus 74kW 101ps 99bhp
2005 Brabus Xclusive 74kW 101ps 99bhp


fortwo coupé and cabrio (451 - 999cc)
2007+ Pure 45kW 61ps 60bhp
2007+ Pure (USA) 52kW 71ps 70bhp
2007+ Pulse 52kW 71ps 70bhp
2007+ Passion 52kW 71ps 70bhp
2007+ Passion Turbo 62kW 84ps 83bhp
2008+ Brabus 73kW 99ps 98bhp


fortwo coupé and cabrio (CDI - 799cc)
2007+ CDI 33kW 45ps 44bhp

There is a very subtle difference between PS and BHP. Is is a common error to quote PS figures as BHP. PS is continental 'horsepower' which 1.4% diffent to BHP. So if you think you have a 101bhp Brabus Roadster, you actually have 101 continental (German) horsepower and only 99 English horsepower!